The 12 Yats of Christmas

Still Dere some More!

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Including the new song:

“Still Dere some More”

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The Songs

  1. The 12 Yats of Christmas
  2. Still Dere Some More
  3. Santa And His Reindeer Used To Live Rite Here
  4. Ain’t Dere No More
  5. O Little Town of Destrehan
  6. Christmas in Chalmette
  7. Silent Night
  8. Norris the Nocturnal Nutria
  9. Metairie O Metairie
  10. I got a used Kazoo for Christmas
  11. Down the Road Santee Claus
  12. The Elves Finally Rap
  13. Nash Roberts was our Weathermen
  14. Red Light Cameras & Pot-Holes for Auld Lang Syne
  1. The 8 Yats of Hanukkah
  2. Ain’t Dere No More- Pat II
  3. I could see the Aluminum Tree Through The Pitcha Winda
  4. Santa put the hurt on you
  5. Santa’s got your personal Information
  6. Mblueh Rchristmasah
  7. Santa, I Been Bad All Year
  8. It Was The Nite Before Rite Before The Nite Before Christmas
  9. Santa & His Reindeer Got their Modular Home
  10. If I won Da’ Lottry for Christmas
  11. Temporarily Ain’t Dere No More
  12. Santa Took Some Selfies of Him & All the Elfies

Grunch Road (18 songs) – only $9.99!



The Songs

  • The Hubigs Pies Boogie Woogie Sing Along Flavor Song
  • The G.E.D. Fight Song
  • Nash Roberts Was Our Weatherman
  • The Creature From The City Park Lagoon
  • Evacuation Day
  •  I Think I Just Seen Elvis In The Mildew On My Walls
  •  Garbage Nite
  • At The Beach (At The Beach)
  • At The Beach-Reprise
  • If February 7th Was All Saints Day
  • 44 Years In Show Biz and This Is Far As I Got
  • Friday Nite (The Neighborhood Movie Theaters of New Orleans)
  • Gone With The Storm
  • Gotta’ Get A Band (Original 1974 recording)
  • Ain’t No Place To Pee On Mardi Gras Day –
  • Over By Your Mama’n Nem
  • The Spirit Of Smiley Lewis
  • The Raw Oyster Blues With A Shrimp PoBoy On The Side
    (Allen “Alpo” Poche sings)

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